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Information, business, education or human relations take place more and more often in the digital world. The more we use digital media to look for and share any kinds of information with different purposes, the more necessary it is to know and understand the risks of doing so and to protect ourselves of undesired consequences.

The CyVETsecurity, co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme from the European Commission and coordinated by HETEL, aims to increase the awareness of digital perils and the necessity of information and data protection across all kinds of professionals, by developing training materials addressed to VET teachers in order to increase their own knowledge and competences (and those from their students) on cybersecurity, counting also with the collaboration of technical experts and companies.

With this in mind, we have already developed a tool that identifies different units of learning on cybersecurity adapted to 4 types of professionals: non-technical professions with just basic information security skills, technical professionals with basic information security skills, non- technical professionals with higher need of information security skills and technical professionals, mainly IT ones, with a higher need of information security skills. For each of these 4 profiles, we have defined essential units of learning and we are now in the process to develop training materials to acquire those identified units.

In the project Website you will find these materials so you can train your own students and teachers and contribute to a safer digital world!




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