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The EURspace Project is aimed to develop and test a methodology to compare learning outcomes and attribute ECVET credits in VET programmes along Europe.

Along 2 years, we have been working on the national curriculums in cookery for levels EQF 3-4 in different countries: Portugal, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Romania and France, identifying the learning outcomes in each country and conceiving a matching matrix to identify which ones we have in common.

This week in Portugal, with our matching matrix ready, we have gone one step forward, attributing ECVET credits to the units of learning in our VET cookery programmes, following the recommendations of the EU Parliament and the ECVET discussion group.

The way to achieve a common EU framework for VET is difficult and long, but we are giving our first steps.

In the Project Website, the methodology used will be available in short time. ¡Don´t miss it!

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