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This week HETEL international is in Alba (Italy) with our colleagues from LAIT 4.0, an Erasmus+ KA2 project coordinated by HETEL and with D&A (UK), ROC Da Vinci College (NL), KTPMC (LT), APRO Formazione (IT) and IK4 Tekniker as partners.

After a 5 days training in industry 4.0, provided in Spain by IK4 Tekniker, and a short course to transfer this knowledge to other teachers from partner organizations, the next step is to carry out technological check-ups in companies.

The methodology and template to be used will be the discussion topics in this meeting to start with the technological check ups in 2018. Afterwards, we will créate a guide for VET colleges with the steps we followed so other colleges can replicate our work.

Resources and more information can be found in the project Website:

lait Italia




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