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e-MOTIVE project has been the international version of HETEL´s inter schools Diseinua project, in which, IFOA´s Italian students, in collaboration with Basque students from Egibide (Vitoria) and La Salle Berrozpe (Andoain) schools, have worked together to solve a challenge, in this case the design of a wind turbine.

The Project partners, HETEL, EfVET and IFOA, have met in Bilbao this week to assess the objectives achieved by the project. HETEL will carry on next course with the international version of Diseinua project, even if we don´t have any grants from Erasmus+. We will keep with this project because we consider it is very rewarding for the students and teachers takin part in it, as the principal actors describe in this video . We will also implement the European version of SHARE project (similar project to e-MOTIVE but in the ICT area)…abantean!

More information in the Project website:

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