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cyvetsecurity logo 1 CyVETsecurity

  Identification of learning outcomes and creation of materials to develop cybersecurity competences in different VET programmes.

Partners: HETEL (coordinador), SRC(NI), NCL(UK), BCS Koolitus (EE), ROC Da Vinci (NL), Varia College Vantaa (FI)


Logo NoN Erasmusplus 



An Erasmus+ KA3  project  to improve the quality of Vocational Training in our schools, defining the internationalization strategy and strengthening the European collaboration network. These actions will also strengthen the international strategy of HETEL, in order to improve the quality of our training offer.

Partners: Onderwiejsgroep Tilburg (coordinator- NL), HETEL, Gradia College (FI), Belfast MET (NI) and NCL (Scotland)





Aims to develop pedagogical methods and materials built upon the concept of cooperative learning together with international project partners. The project outputs are intended to support migrants and refugees becoming aware of their strengths and competences and to present them on the European labour market.

Partners: KulturLife, coordinator (DE), HETEL, Elazig Meskeli ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi (TK), Grm Novo mesto – center biotehnike in turizma (SI), Mobilizing expertise AB (SE) and InterCultural Ísland (IS)


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The project tries to build a comprehensive approach to vocational education, promoting interdisciplinary cooperation among VET programmes in line with organizational models 4.0, where supply chains follow an interconnected structure, with more flexibility and shorter response times to the market demands.

Partners: Department of Vocational Education of the German region North-Westphalia, HETEL, Insignare (PT), Vysocina Education (CZ), Okresni hospodarska komora, Jihlava (CZ), ACISO (PT), I.I.S.S."Marco Polo" (IT)




An exchange of good practices project to share and learn from each other regarding the organization and implementation of skills competitions in VET colleges.

Partners: Rijn Ijssel, coordinator, (NL), HETEL, Southern Regional College (UK), Salpaus Further Education (FI) and Glasgow City College (Scothland).


People in wbl People in WBL


Definition of a model to transfer the ECVET technical framework for its implementation by VET schools and companies in WBL. 

PartnersIIS Moretti (IT), HETEL (ES), FVEM (ES), Il mio Lavoro (IT), Solski Centre Kranj (SO), Iskraemeco (SO)


eide logo small



Creation of materials to develop digital and emotional competences for entrepreneurship.

PartnersBranzowaSzkola (PL), IHF (BE), Kleinon (RO), Go Digit All (UK), HETEL (ES), IDeuropa (IT), 


AUTO40 Logo CMYK onWhite SmallAUTO 4.0

  Developing materials in industry 4.0 for the automotive sector.

Partners: IAM (IT), AIC (ES), Il mio Lavoro (IT), Dekra (DE), Northern Auto Alliance (UK).


Mobiliteach logo



Developing materials to improve the quality of mobilities.

Partners: Uniser (IT), HETEL (ES), Les Compagnos du Devoir (FR), Insignare (PT), EFIL-ASF (BE), Bezreg-Koeln.NRW (DE)





Integration of immigrants through peer learning techniques.

Partners: KulturLife(DE), HETEL (ES), Elazig Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi (TK), GFrm Novo mesto - center biotehnike in turizma (SI), Pro IFALL AB (SE)


logo delta



Improving mutual knowledge and the relationship between VET schools and instructors in companies.

Partners: Dundee and Angus (UK), Pixel (IT), Amledo (SE), Kleinon (RO) y IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH (DE)

 LAIT 4.0. logo 002

LAIT 4.0


Training and update of teachers´ skills on industry 4.0 technologies and implementation of technological check-ups in SMEs.

Partners: HETEL, IK4 Tekniker, ROC Da Vinci College (NL), Dundee and Angus College (UK), APRO Formazione (IT), Kauno TPMC (LT)




Development of an on-line course and a pedagogical kit to help VET graduates to develop their skills for job hunting.

Partners: Liceul Tehnologic Petricani (RO), IHF (BE), HETEL, KulturLife (DE), GoDigitAll (UK), Gorce Petrov High School (MK), Turgay Ciner Mesleki ve Teknik And. Lisesi (TK)



   Exchange of good practices and training of VET teachers to be able to support both companies and VET students in the implementation of dual VET schemes in the participating countries.

Partners:Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "Da Vinci - De Giorgio" (IT), HETEL, Liceul Teoretic Ion Ghica (RO), Mehmet Nurettin Horoz Lojistik Mesleki Ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi (TK), Confindustria Abbruzzo (IT), DEKRA Akademie Gmbh (DE), Gaziantep Cámara de Comercio (TK), Il Mio Futuro SRL (IT)


pbp logo new



Exchanging knowledge and updating materials in microelectronics programming.

Partners: Golbasi MTAL (TK), HETEL, OTENET (GR), EPRALIMA (PT)


Inclusive VET


Development of a Guide and a manual for trainers to implement inclusive VET systems in VET colleges. 

Partners: ROC de Leijgraaf (NL), HETEL, Porvoo International College (FI), BBS-ROW (DE), Akademie für Berufliche Bildung GmbH (DE), Toroslar Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (TK), RBL-BNO (NL)



Development of a methodology for the recognition of learning outcomes in mobility Projects.

Partners: EPRALIMA (PT), HETEL, Inercia Digital S.L (ES), CNOS FAP (IT), Vilnius Tourism and Commerce School (LT), Technical College Gheorghe Cartianu (RO), Sustainable Development Management Institute (FR), Zeynep Mehmet Donmez Vocational and Technical High School (TK)



International cooperation between VET schools to design a wind turbine involving teachers and students, using ICT tools to carry out the work in the distance.

Partners: HETEL, IFOA (IT) y EfVET (EU)


VoCOL triangles


Training of VET teachers in cooperative learning and cooperation with companies to develop activities to be solved following this learning methodology.

Partners: Dundee and Angus College (UK), Institut Inpro (CZ), Regiovision (DE), Intercultural Iceland (IS), Bollnäs Commun (SE), HETEL,


DTS – Dual Teaching System

  Development of a Learning Platform with tools addressed to teachers involved in dual VET. 

Partners: HETEL, BFW (DE), CENFIM (PT), Fondo Formación Euskadi, Oteitza Lizeo Politeknikoa, Marijampoles PRC (LT), ROC West Brabant (NL)

Diseinua International  

Following e-MOTIVE´s methodology (DTS – Dual Teaching System), students from the Dutch College ROC Da Vinci together with students from HETEL schools Somorrostro, Salesianos Deusto, Zulaibar, La Salle Berrozpe and Egibide work together to solve a challenge in the area of Mechanical Design.

Financed by BBK and Caja Vital.

Partner: ROC Da Vinci (NL)

If you would like to get more information or you are looking for a good partner for a project contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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